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IP Job Fairs: the Franklin Pierce Center for IP advantage

While students at other law schools with IP programs attend the major job fairs in the U.S., the Franklin Pierce Center for IP takes the lead in helping our students excel.

Loyola Patent Law Interview Program

Each August, Loyola Law hosts the Loyola Patent Law Interview Program in Chicago--the largest single-practice job fair in the country. The Patent Law Interview Program is a national interview program that brings together students with technical backgrounds and legal employers interested in hiring law clerks and entry-level attorneys for their patent or intellectual property law practices. More than 100 law schools and 200 legal employers from all over the country participate in this highly successful interviewing and networking event.

UNH Law goes beyond what other law schools offer:

  • strategic preparation for interviews at the Program
  • a Career Services staff member at the Program to offer "on the spot" advice and interview strategy
  • one of the largest contingent of students at the Program because of the large patent law program, having grown stronger continuously over the years

Southeastern Intellectual Property Job Fair (SIPJF)

While some employers may seek patent lawyers only, the Georgia State University College of Law Southeastern IP Job Fair is not a "patent lawyer" interview program exclusively.

The broad field of “intellectual property" at this fair includes litigation, prosecution and transactional work in various aspects of IP including patent, trademark and copyright law in the fields of technology, science, business, media, arts and entertainment, sports, etc.

San Francisco Intellectual Property Association Job Fair (SFIPLA )

SFIPLA Bay Area Job Fair is held annually. The San Francisco Intellectual Property Association (SFIPLA ) was founded in 1927 and originally named the San Francisco Patent and Trademark Law Association. In 1995, the name of the organization was changed to SFIPLA. SFIPLA is one of the oldest and largest intellectual property law associations in the western United States. Today, SFIPLA has over 500 members, all of whom practice intellectual property law in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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