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Global Influence: IP Teacher Training

Where IP leads: UNH Law educates the educators

A recent plea from the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) stated: “More IP professionals must be educated and trained. It is equally clear that their expertise in IP must be both broad, and at the same time, more specifically attuned to the practical, day to day realities, challenges and opportunities faced by businesses. In many countries, however, IP education is hindered not only by the insufficient number of trained teachers, but also by lack of guidance as to how best to teach IP.”

For over thirty years the Franklin Pierce Center for IP professors have been engaged in training IP professionals and  “academic” educators. Our JD and graduate program alumni are now found on the faculty of many institutions around the globe.

Professor William Hennessey has educated the IP educators in many venues. He has also written substantially on this topic, including the papers:

Emeritus Professor Karl Jorda has also been active in teaching the teachers, including through his presentations and papers:

In addition, Professor Jon Cavicchi hosts an IP Mall section dedicated to presenting the literature on the teaching of intellectual property. All of this clearly shows that the Franklin Pierce Center for IP has been both leading the discussion and filling the need for IP educators worldwide.

Alumni in the IP teaching ranks

The Franklin Pierce Center for IP is happy to acknowledge the success of our alumni who have joined the ranks of academia and are called "Professor." The following is a list of alumni who teach intellectual property full-time at law schools and universities around the world:

  • Jon Cavicchi
  • Emelias Dokali - Chancellor College, Malawi
  • Bill Hennessey
  • Wilson Pinheiro Jabur - Coordinator of the Post-Graduate Specialization in Intellectual Property at Getulio Vargas in Brazil
  • Baraka Kanyabuhinya - University of Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania
  • Vishal Katariya - University of Pune, India
  • Ashlyn Lembree
  • Stanley P. Kowalski
  • Ann M. McCrackin
  • Adejoke Oyewunmi - University of Lagos, Nigeria
  • Yiqing Shao - Peking University, China
  • Lars Smith - University of Louisville School of Law
  • Bing Wang - Tsinghua University, China

In addition, there are dozens of alumni who teach IP part-time in many countries. They carry on the UNH Law tradition of bringing their practical experience into the classroom.

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