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ITTI Faculty

Stan Kowalski

Dr. Stanley Kowalski - Director
Dr. Stanley Kowalski is the Director of ITTI and is well known in the intellectual property international development area for his pioneering work with the patent landscape of Golden Rice and other technologies. He served as an editor for the highly acclaimed IP Handbook of Best Practices.

Professor Jon Cavicchi - Director of ResearchJon Cavicchi
Professor Jon Cavicchi is the law librarian at the University of New Hampshire School of Law’s Intellectual Property Library, the only academic IP Library in the Western Hemisphere. He has taught and developed innovative techniques in patent searching, mining patent data, and IP research tools and strategies for almost two decades. He is the founder of the patent landscape educational report service. He is the lead research resource coordinator on technology transfer capacity building projects. He is author of numerous articles on IP research tools and strategies and Site Director of the award winning IP Mall website.

John OrcuttProfessor John Orcutt
Professor John Orcutt's classes and research at the University of New Hampshire School of Law focus heavily on entrepreneurialism and what is needed to create more entrepreneurial environments. Orcutt is a former capital markets attorney and served as a senior investment banker with a Silicon Valley investment bank that focused on financing emerging growth companies.