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IP Library

Where IP leads: the only academic IP library in the US

The premier source of IP information in the Western hemisphere: One unique asset of UNH Law's IP program is the Intellectual Property Library, opened in 1995. It is the only dedicated academic IP Library in the United States. Many distinguished IP visitors, scholars, fellows, academics and practitioners have stated that this information center is the top English language collection in the world, equaled only by the multi-lingual IP Library at the Max Planck Institute for Intellectual Property in Germany.

In 2012, the UNH Law Library was designated as the New Hampshire Patent and Trademark Resource Center (PTRC) by the USPTO. In addition to offering free electronic services and resources designed to support the intellectual property needs of local and state patrons, the UNH Law Patent and Trademark Resource Center employs USPTO-trained librarians to provide customer assistance on the use of the agency’s patent and trademark databases and public seminars on intellectual property topics for novice and experienced users.

With the Franklin Pierce Center for IP, the University of New Hampshire School of Law is the only law school in the nation with:

  • A dedicated IP Global Resource Center classified at the research level of collection development
  • Thousands of donated volumes of unique practitioner materials
  • The IP Mall, an award winning IP website and portal
  • All WIPO publications
  • An IP librarian holding both Juris Doctor and Master of Laws in Intellectual Property degrees, including twenty-five years experience, actively publishing articles on IP information and, as a member of the faculty, teaching courses in IP legal research and patent informatics

The Franklin Pierce Center for IP library:

  • Has collected IP materials on the research level for four decades
  • Has a global reputation actively promoted by domestic and international alumni
  • Includes approximately 12,000 print volumes dealing with IP, commerce and technology
  • Provides students access to every major English language IP research product available
  • Is home to the Homer Blair Patent Model Collection
  • Is the recipient of many donations by well known practitioners and corporations
  • Since opening has assisted an estimated 4,000 patrons from other libraries to find IP materials not otherwise available to them

The Global Resource Center's collection supports the largest IP curriculum in the world and covers:

  • The IP spectrum from news and practice to highly scholarly works
  • Interdisciplinary aspects of IP
  • The synergy of law, technology, science and business
  • English language works in domestic, foreign and international IP law
  • Materials from the earliest law books to the most current premium IP Web platforms
  • Continuing education and professional organization materials not available at other law schools 

Web sites and digital media

The IP Mall

Created by Professor Jon R. Cavicchi, the IP Mall has been a highly well regarded website and portal for well over a decade. The IP Mall was created well before most of the current IP resources were offered by national IP offices, nongovernmental organizations and commercial entities. The IP Mall's mission is to offer unique content not available on other Web sites. This content includes:

  • Public domain content not online (e.g. Congressional Research Service Reports, Copyright Office Appeals Decisions and Compendium and legislative history documents)
  • Primary sources of law spanning time periods before other Web collections (e.g. U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Appeals Board decisions)
  • Unique dedicated topical portals (e.g. Bayh-Dole Central)
  • Miscellaneous content from IP Mall users looking for a place to host their works
  • Fun stuff (e.g. galleries of famous patents and patent models)

Trade Secrets Vault

Professor Jon R. Cavicchi has opened the Vault to the world and shares a wide range of information on trade secrets. The intent of this blog is to raise consciousness as to the range, extent, predominance and role trade secrets play in day-to-day business and legal environments. The sources of the blogs vary from proprietary sources on the hidden web, jury verdicts, court opinions, and reports by government and NGOs around the globe as well as fun stuff such as trivia questions about products that are the subject of trade secrets. It is designed as a blog to keep anyone interested in trade secrets coming back for more up to date news and data.