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Innovative IP Curriculum

The World's First Interdisciplinary IP Graduate Program

UNH Law's graduate programs, inaugurated in 1986, have become an integral part of the school's educational mission over the past 25 years and have proven to be a natural complement to its Juris Doctor degree program.

From the very beginning, the UNH Law Graduate Program has been highly international, drawing students from around the globe. Recognizing the worldwide need for interdisciplinary IP education for patent, trademark, and copyright professionals, government policymakers, and business executives, the one-year interdisciplinary Master of Intellectual Property (MIP) degree remains the only interdisciplinary degree program in intellectual property offered by any ABA-accredited law school. A decade later, the MIP degree was supplemented by the establishment of the Master of Laws in Intellectual Property (LLM-IP) degree program to address the needs of lawyers from the United States and around the world for a recognized graduate academic law degree with the "Franklin Pierce Center for IP" brand.

Graduate students enroll in the same courses as JD students. The addition of the LLM and MIP students to our community of scholars and professionals opens up opportunities for major expansion in the number and quality of the Franklin Pierce Center for IP intellectual property offerings and a strengthening of its overall intellectual property curriculum, leading to the wealth of curricular offerings in intellectual property studies we have today.

In 2000, responding to the rapid growth of information technologies and the complex legal issues that have followed, the Franklin Pierce Center for IP expanded its interdisciplinary and LLM programs to encompass the intersection of "commerce and technology." The Master of Commerce & Technology and Master of Law in Commerce & Technology programs have now graduated a network of alumni, many of whom have become significant players in the rapid globalization taking place in intellectual property and information technology law, policy, and business.

In 2006, building on the reputation of the success of its graduates in policymaking positions around the world, and as a natural extension from its offerings in international studies, UNH Law instituted the Master of Laws in International Criminal Law and Justice (LLM-ICLJ) and interdisciplinary Master of International Criminal Law and Justice (MICLJ).

Graduate students are fully integrated into UNH Law community in every respect. The richness of international experience and diversity that they bring to the school has proven to be a powerful magnet for attracting a wide diversity of students to all of our degree programs.

Unique Courses in IP Research and Data Analytics

UNH Law (and its Franklin Pierce Center for IP) is the only law school in the country with a well-established curriculum of dedicated IP information courses. Under the leadership of Professor Jon Cavicchi, this curriculum includes: Intellectual Research Tools and Strategies, which teaches students IP legal research information literacy, and Mining Patent Data in the New Millennium, which teaches a consumer based approach to cross platform patent searching. The full range of patent data applications and platforms are discussed. In addition, students produce prior art reports as well as give presentations on patent analytics services and software applications. These are all skills highly valued by corporate and law firm employers.