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School of Law

UNH Law Registrar - Forms

Add/Drop Form for Grad Programs 
Degree Change Form 
Diploma Reissue
FERPA Non-Disclosure
Independent Study
Joint Degree

Residency Verification
Room Rental 
Visitor & Exchange Student Application


Add/Drop Form For LLM, Master, Visiting Scholars, & Diploma Students

Degree Change Form

Diploma Reissue Request Form
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Exam Conflict Form
Exam Accommodations for ESL Students (English as a Second Language) Form

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Confidentiality of student records
Access MYUNH/Blackboard

(request to prevent disclosure of directory information)
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Independent Study Form
Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory Form

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Joint Degree Application - both a Juris Doctor and a Master of Laws or an interdisciplinary Master’s Degree
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Locker Form

Parking Permit Application
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Residency Verification Form (for incoming students)
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Room Rental Form
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Transcript Request Form
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Visiting Student Application
and Exchange Visiting Student Application