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Rudman Center Fellowships, Scholarships & Other Financial Assistance

Warren B. Rudman Fellows Program

The Warren B. Rudman Fellows Program provides full-tuition scholarships and guaranteed summer fellowships to exceptionally well-qualified applicants who commit to at least three years of public service following their law school graduation. Read more about these fellows.

Rudman Summer Fellowships Program

The Rudman Summer Fellowships Program provides $4,000 summer stipends to students who work for organizations that provide legal assistance to underserved populations.

Read about the 2014 Summer Fellows and their rewarding educational experiences.

Robert J. Dole Fellows Program - fall 2015

The Robert J. Dole Fellows Program will enable military veterans to attend law school tuition free. The program also will provide summer placements and stipends to students (veterans or otherwise) with an interest in performing legal work on behalf of veterans and their families following graduation.

Bruce E. Friedman Scholarship

The Bruce E. Friedman Scholarship is named for Professor Bruce E. Friedman, who for many years directed the school’s Civil Practice Clinic.

First and second year students who have been active in community service and demonstrate a commitment to the provision of legal services to underserved populations may apply for this scholarship.

Loan Repayment Assistance Program

The Loan Repayment Assistance Program is available to graduates who practice law in qualified public interest positions and make less than $55,000 per year. 

The program annually reimburses a portion of the law school loan repayments made by qualified individuals for up to five years following graduation.


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