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Sports and Entertainment Law Institute - Legal Residency Placements

The Sports and Entertainment Law Institute recognizes that students have a broad range of career interests.

They include ambitions to enter specific professions in sports and entertainment law, such as:

  • An agent to athletes and entertainers
  • In-house counsel to a team, league, network or studio
  • A compliance officer for a university athletic program
  • A mediator to employment disputes among athletes and teams or performers and studios

among many other legal careers in the sports and entertainment fields.

Other students may want to incorporate sports and entertainment law into a broader practice of law, such as a civil litigator who handles sports and entertainment disputes, along with other types of disputes, or an immigration attorney who helps teams sign players from other countries. The career possibilities in sports and entertainment law are endless and the Institute will help students navigate through potential opportunities.

To facilitate these career paths, the Sports and Entertainment Law Institute will assist students in obtaining legal residencies. These experiential opportunities will provide students with  opportunities to earn academic credit while developing legal and professional skills under the close supervision of experienced sports and entertainment law attorneys.

Placements will include those with:

  • Professional teams
  • Sports apparel
  • Sports equipment
  • Agencies
  • Collegiate athletic offices
  • Law firms with sports law practices

The school’s location in Concord and close proximity to Boston is an asset, as many sports and entertainment law opportunities are nearby.