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Welcome to UNH Law! This chart below shows where you can find the consumer information that the American Bar Association requires all law schools to post on their websites.

Standard 509



Report to the ABA under Standard 509*


Admissions and enrollment data

Class of 2016 Profile


​Tuition & Fees

Cost of Attendance

​Living costs

Cost of Attendance

​Financial aid

Financial Aid

​Conditional scholarships

Scholarship Retention Requirements & Data

Refund policy

Business Office

Transfer of credit earned

Transfer and Visiting Students


Attrition rates

Fact Sheet

Employment outcomes

Employment Statistics

Bar passage data

Fact Sheet


Curricular offerings

Class Schedules & Registration

Academic calendar

Academic Calendar

Academic requirements

J.D. Program Rules & Regulations

Full-time faculty

Fact Sheet

Part-time faculty

Fact Sheet

List of institutions with articulation agreement

Exchange Agreements for Domestic and International Study


Library resources




* This website, in some cases, has more recent data than the information in the ABA Standard 509 report. The 2013 Standard 509 report was posted above on December 6, 2013.

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