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Commerce & Technology

Since its founding as Franklin Pierce Law Center in 1973, the University of New Hampshire School of Law has been at the forefront of the discussion of Information Age issues. With its renowned intellectual property curriculum as a foundation, UNH Law has expanded its offerings to include commerce and technology as a separate concentration.

Emerging information technologies are transforming the way we conduct business. The study of commerce and technology law encompasses a variety of business activities in the Information Age economy, including the creation of new types of products and services, and the development of supportive legal systems. This concentration also deals with pressing concerns about the protection of consumers' private information and the threat of identity theft. Increasingly, these security concerns extend beyond individual consumers to the viability of the marketplace itself. The growth of electronic commerce has brought pressure on many areas of the law; as worried clients seek advice of counsel to help them navigate this uncharted sea or seek recourse for cybercrimes committed against them.


Courses offered in UNH School of Law’s innovative Commerce & Technology curriculum emphasize real-world problems and issues.

Highlighted Elective Coursework:

  • Consumer Law & Bankruptcy
  • Cybercrime
  • e-Commerce & the Law
  • Conflict of Laws