University of New Hampshire

School of Law

Administrative Agency Clinic

Students will engage in an agency practice with the Department of Agriculture, Markets, and Food (the Department) in three ways.

First, students perform agency rulemaking functions, including drafting initial proposals, fiscal impact statements, and rulemaking notices. Students also discuss rule revisions, substantive questions about program administration, and budgetary and administrative processes with agency staff to meet the Department's rulemaking needs. Students typically write one draft, receive feedback and meet with the professor, then redraft their work to submit to the Department.

Second, students help Agency administrators prepare for administrative enforcement actions, and if authorized by the Department of Justice represent the Department in hearings. Students work with Agency staff to develop the facts of the case, draft correspondence, manage the file, determine the scope of hearing, and may present the case to a hearing examiner under the Department's procedural and hearing rules, and other applicable statutes and rules.

Finally, students engage in policy analysis, particularly in the areas of food, agriculture, and related topics. Policy issues may come from the Department of Agriculture, Markets, and Food, UNH, or other entities identified by the Department.

The course classroom component will provide instruction in each of the three areas noted above. It relies on primary materials such as administrative and food law cases, laws, and regulations as a lawyer would in practice.

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