University of New Hampshire

School of Law

Advanced Analysis

The goal of this course is to learn and practice test taking skills necessary for the Bar exam. This course is not a substitute for a commercial Bar preparation program. All students who take this course are strongly encouraged to take a commercial Bar preparation program upon completing law school. This course is designed to allow students to learn and practice the analytical and writing skills necessary to take the Bar exam. The focus of this course is on skills, not substantive content, although some substantive content will be introduced to enable the skills practice.

Student will discuss, assess, and practice skills for answering MBE multiple choice questions. Students will discuss, assess, and practice organizational and writing skills that produce clear, complete and well organized answers to MEE questions. Students will also discuss, assess, and practice organizational and writing skills necessary to produce a clear, complete, and well organized response to an Multistate Performance Test (MPT). These skills will be presented in a variety of learning styles to enable all student to internalize the skills.

In the course of the semester, students will answer at least 50 MBE questions, 8 MEE questions, and 2 MPT questions. Students will receive feedback on all answers, in the form of class discussion, model answers, or individual comments.

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