University of New Hampshire

School of Law

Advanced Intellectual Property & Transaction Clinic

The Advanced IP & Transaction Clinic will continue the clinical component of the (basic) IP & Transaction Clinic. Students taking the Advanced IP & Transaction Clinic will take on more challenging projects, will assist with supervision of basic IP & Transaction Clinic students, and will gain the proficiency to more quickly and independently bring strategic plans for client objectives to conclusion. In addition to enhancing and solidifying the knowledge, skills, and values the students attained in the basic Intellectual Property & Transaction Clinic, students taking the Advanced IP & Transaction Clinic will be expected to develop a mastery of trademark and copyright prosecution that can be more independently applied in developing strategic IP protection and management schemes, will be expected to be more proficient in start-up law and transactional practice sufficient to independently design strategic plans for clients, and to routinely incorporate the values of sound legal judgment and ethics in coming to client solutions. As with the basic IP & Transaction Clinic, the Advanced IP & Transaction Clinic will incorporate very frequent usage of the Patent and Trademark and Copyright Office websites to conduct legal research, factual research, and prepare and submit filings, as well as frequent use of the USPQ and secondary sources for legal research. Advanced IP & Transaction Clinic students do not take a companion lawyering course; only the clinic component may be taken for credit, and that is because real-life client cases generate a continually new and changing curriculum.

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