University of New Hampshire

School of Law

DWS Advanced Pretrial Advocacy

Litigators make strategic and ethical judgments throughout the pretrial process that can determine the outcome of their clients' cases. Making these judgments necessarily requires the litigator to take risks, putting his or her analytic skills and strategic and ethical sense on the line every time a decision is made. In most law practices today, senior attorneys do not have time to provide new lawyers with substantial instruction or feedback. New lawyers are often thrown into pretrial litigation and left to "sink or swim." This course is designed to provide students with an opportunity to build upon the pretrial advocacy skills learned in DWS Pretrial Advocacy and to further develop critical thinking skills in order to make sound judgments throughout the litigation process in a mentored setting. It is also designed to give students advanced discovery knowledge of e-discovery, which is not dealt with in DWS Pretrial Advocacy. This course will provide students with an opportunity to exercise and test their judgment in a mentored setting and to reflect on and receive feedback about the strategy decisions they make.

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