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School of Law

School of Law

Legal Residency

The legal residency program provides students with opportunities to earn academic credit while developing legal and professional skills under the close supervision of experienced attorneys and judges. Students may, for instance, perform their legal residencies in government agencies, law firms, judicial chambers, nonprofit organizations, or corporations.

Students must meet with Associate Clinical Professor Courtney Brooks and/or Visiting Professor Emeritus Ellen Musinsky prior to enrolling in a legal residency. Legal residency faculty will work with students to help secure placements that advance each student's knowledge and skills in practice areas of interest. The legal residency faculty will assist students in finding an appropriate placement but cannot guarantee a position.

All students must complete an application for a legal residency which must be approved by legal residency faculty. All applications for legal residencies must demonstrate that the proposed placement meets the requirements of Academic Rule IX. There must also be a designated field supervisor at the proposed residency that has the requisite experience and interest in mentoring developing legal professionals. Faculty must also feel confident that the proposed placement would provide a sufficient breadth and depth of assignments, and that the supervisors will provide feedback.

Students enrolling in a 6 credit externship are required to spend a minimum of 24 hours per week at their legal residency for 14 weeks. Students must also enroll concurrently in the 1 credit Legal Residency Class.