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School of Law

Moot Court Board Advisory

Moot Court Board members are typically third year students who are selected by the outgoing moot court board during the Spring semester. Board members are responsible for organizing, coaching, and developing the moot court program from year to year. Typical moot court board members:

1. Participate in selection of the upcoming year's moot court competitors in August as well as selection of competitions and formulation of teams.

2. Coach a moot court team, often for the same competition that the Board member competed in during the prior year. Coaching duties include: supporting and facilitating team writing of the competition brief; providing feedback as competition rules allow; organizing and executing rigorous oral argument practice for competition preparation; communicating with the board's Chief Justice about team progress/needs; being a resource for team members as they prepare for competition; registering for and overseeing competition logistics such as travel plans.

3. Participate in and organize the intramural competition in October.

4. Assist the Chief Justice of the Board in any additional duties such as information sessions for 1Ls, working with the writing specialist to prepare workshop materials, timing 1L moot court arguments, and demonstrating oral advocacy skills as representatives of the Board at various school functions.

Participating in the Moot Court Board challenges students to be mentors and coaches to competitors. Board members also use their leadership, organizational, and analytical skills to continually improve this student run advocacy program.