University of New Hampshire

School of Law

Professional Responsibility

Professional Responsibility is offered both Fall and Spring semesters. The differences in the Fall and Spring courses is significant, so students should consider which course is best suited to their interests. Professor Kirkland (Fall) allocates two credits of class time to a problem-based review of the Model Rules of Professional Conduct. The remaining 1 credit of class time focuses on what it means to act with integrity, a question with special implications for lawyers. Her course requires students to read about integrity challenges (legal and non-legal) and to deconstruct some of their own past failures of integrity (often non-legal). In contrast, Professor Simon (Spring) allocates all three credits of his course to a problem-based review of the law of lawyering. His course will devote more time to each problem and cover ethical problems in the "business of law," such as multijurisdictional practice, advertising, and practices with professionals from other disciplines.

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