University of New Hampshire

School of Law

Writing for Practice

This course is designed to help second and third year students develop the kinds of writing, organization, critical thinking, editing and collaborative work skills essential to law practice and passing the bar. Students will work on multiple short (less than 5 pages) weekly assignments, engaging them in writing, researching, editing, rewriting or working on related tasks. These assignments are designed to help students sharpen their ability to efficiently research and apply practice-based resources to write about specific legal issues, using the appropriate format for the intended audience. The course will focus primarily on civil matters, and will include some writing on criminal issues. The course's focus on essential skills, organization, analysis, doctrine, precision and conciseness, will transfer to writing in any legal setting.

In Prof. Hurn's section, all the work will be typical of a transactional practice rather than criminal or civil litigation. Although the courses differ, there is enough overlap with his Contract Design and Drafting course (spring semester) that students who take one may not take the other.

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