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Licensing, Litigating, and Lessons from the Trenches with Richard A. Baker, Jr.

The Licensing Executives Society invites you to the informative talk:

Licensing, Litigating, and Lessons from the Trenches

With Richard A. Baker, Jr., President of New England Intellectual Property, LLC (Boston, MA), LES (USA & Canada) Trustee of E-learning

Lunch will be provided. This event is free and open to the public.

The presentation will:

  •     Focus on infringement type licensing, as a licensee and as a licensor, especially in the high tech area
  •     Draw heavily from speaker's real-world experiences negotiating deals both as an in-house licensing executive and as an independent consultant
  •     Offer techniques and best practices to help tech transfer professionals and litigators understand how to manage a licensing program and how to bring a deal to closing

Richard A. Baker, Jr. comes with over 30 years of experience in licensing and building IP strategies.

  • He has spent over 20 years as the Director Automation Intellectual Property at Schneider Electric – A well-know France based multinational, engineering conglomerate.
  • He has also been a republican Candidate for Congress from the Massachusetts 6th Congressional District. In the 2008 election cycle, he received over 95,000 votes, the highest number of votes for a Congressional challenger in Massachusetts in 2008 and the second highest state-wide for a challenger since 1998.
  • He served as a Director of Intellectual Property Management at 3com. In 2009, 3Com’s licensing department, under his leadership, was awarded the prestigious Licensing Achievement Award by the Licensing Executives Society (US & Canada).
  • He spent about a year with Hewlett – Packard for transitioning of IP licensing functions to various HP organizations. He also prepared a number of patent sales projects and developed a patent sales paradigm for the Hewlett-Packard Patent Sales program.