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Optional Summer Reading List

Optional summer reading list for entering students

The UNH Law faculty recommends these books to help orient you to the study and practice of law from a variety of perspectives.

You are not required to read any of these books, but we encourage you to look at some to start immersing yourself in the new educational and professional realm you are about to enter. 

Happy reading!

Skills for Law School Success & Satisfaction

  • Lief Carter, Reason in Law, Little, Brown (5th ed. 1998).
  • Richard Michael Fichl & Jeremy Paul, Getting to Maybe: How to Excel on Law School Exams, Carolina Academic Press (1999).
  • Barry Friedman & John C.P. Goldberg, Open Book: Succeeding on Exams from the First Day of Law School, Wolters Kluwer (2011).
  • Andrew J. McClurg, 1L of a Ride: A Well-Traveled Professor’s Roadmap to Success in the First Year of Law School, West (2d ed. 2013).
  • Ruth Ann McKinney, Reading Like a Lawyer: Time-Saving Strategies for Reading Law Like an Expert, Carolina Academic Press (2005).
  • Herbert N. Ramy, Succeeding in Law School, Carolina Academic Press (2006).
  • William Strunk and E.B. White, The Elements of Style, Allyn & Acon (3d ed. 1995).

Law in History

  • Barbara Babcock, Woman Lawyer: The Trials of Clara Foltz, Stanford University Press (2011).
  • Linda Greenhouse & Reva B. Siegel, Before Roe: Voices That Shaped the Abortion Debate Before the Supreme Court’s Ruling, Kaplan (2011).
  • Jonathan Harr, A Civil Action. Random House (1995).
  • Gilbert King, Devil in the Grove: Thurgood Marshall, the Groveland Boys, and the Dawn of a New America, Harper Collins (2013).
  • Michael J. Klarman, From the Closet to the Altar: Courts, Backlash, and the Struggle for Same Sex Marriage, Oxford University Press (2012).
  • Richard Kluger, Simple Justice: The History of Brown vs. the Board of Education & Black America’s Struggle for Equality, Random House (1977).
  • Anthony Lewis, Gideon's Trumpet, Random House (1989).
  • James F. Simon, What Kind of Nation: Thomas Jefferson, John Marshall, and the Epic Struggle to Create a United States, Simon & Schuster (2012).
  • Frank Wu, Yellow: Race in America Beyond Black and White, Basic Books (2003).

Law in Fiction

  • Julie Buxbaum, The Opposite of Love, Dial Press (2008).
  • Paul Goldstein, Havana Requiem, Farrar,Straus & Giroux (2012).
  • John Grisham, A Time to Kill, Random House (2009).
  • William Landy, Defending Jacob: A Novel, Delacorte Press (2012).
  • Allison Leotta, Speak of the Devil, Simon & Schuster (2013).
  • Kimberly McCreight, Reconstructing Amelia, Harper (2013).
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