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Issue: Volume 11 - Special Issue

March 2013

We dedicate this special issue to Justice James E. Duggan for his tireless efforts in the legal community. We can think of numerous adjectives to describe Justice Duggan’s illustrious career.  However, words fail to adequately capture the irreplaceable impact Justice Duggan had on the development of the law and the impact he had on those around him.  Justice Duggan embodies the characteristics and attitude that newly minted attorneys and seasoned practitioners alike strive to obtain and develop.

We would like to thank Chris Johnson, Judge David Garfunkel, Mitchell Simon, Sarah Merrigan, Clara Dietel, Jennifer Turco Beaudet, Danielle Pacik, and Jeanne Herrick for their contributions to this issue. On behalf of the University of New Hampshire School of Law and the University of New Hampshire Law Review, we want to thank Justice Duggan for his contribution to our law school, our state, and our legal community.
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Number 2
Dec. 2012
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