Printing at UNH Law

UNH Law utilizes the Pharos printing suite, which affords our users several manners in which they can submit and/or manage print jobs:

Desktop Printing Client (for students):
Microsoft Windows - Black and white queue: [download]
Microsoft Windows - Color queue [download]
Mac OS X black and white queue: [download]
Mac OS X color queue: [download]

Pharos Print Center:
Login to the UNH Law Pharos Print Center and use the "Upload" button to upload documents that you wish to print.

1. Send an e-mail (blank or otherwise - content does not matter) to:
2. You will receive an automated response containing a link to register your e-mail address with Pharos Print Center.
3. Click said link and login on the resulting screen using your UNH Law credentials to complete the registration process.

From that point forward, you can use the e-mail address(es) that you have registered with Pharos Print Center to send documents that you wish to print to (black and white only) or (color). The body of your e-mail will not print. Only attached documents in the proper format* will print.

Mobile Print App:
Pharos Print for iOS: [click here]
Pharos Print for Android: [click here]

Print Server address:
Print Server port: 443

All print jobs that get submitted via any of these printing methods can be released at any of our card-swipe accessible Xerox multi-function devices. Print jobs that are not released within 24 hours of being submitted will get automatically purged.

If you experience any difficulty using any of these printing methods, or if you have any questions about printing at UNH Law, please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail ( or stop by our office (Room 301).

*Please be aware that the desktop print client is the only option that supports all document formats. All other options are limited to common file formats (PDF, Images, Plain Text, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Microsoft Visio). Files in non-Microsoft productivity suite formats (ie Apple Pages, etc.) must be converted to their respective Microsoft Office equivalent format before being eligible to print.