Student e-Mail Aliases


UNH Law students now have the ability to select an e-mail alias that will serve as their primary e-mail address. The rules for selecting an e-mail alias are:

  1. It must contain a . in the local part (before the @) of the address (ie
  2. It must contain your full legal last name (ie
  3. It must be based on either your legal or recorded preferred name.

To read more about your recorded preferred name, including instructions on how to change it, please click here.

You may access the student e-mail alias portal here (not live yet).

After logging in, you will be presented with several alias options. If any option is greyed out, that means that the alias in question is already in use and cannot be selected.

If you have any questions about, or problems trying to establish your student e-mail alias, please contact the UNH Law IT help desk.