IDEA Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in publishing with IDEA®: The Journal of the Franklin Pierce Center for Intellectual Property.

IDEA®: The Journal of the Franklin Pierce Center for Intellectual Property welcomes intellectual property-related articles, commentaries, and essays that offer novel, thoughtful, well-researched, timely, practical, and/or controversial viewpoints.  Authors in the legal, business, scientific, corporate, and technology disciplines are encouraged to submit their intellectual property-related articles, commentaries, and essays for possible publication.  Preferred topics of interest are domestic and international patent, copyright, trademark, trade secret, unfair competition, licensing, technology transfer, and other intellectual property issues.

For citations and general questions of style, please follow The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation (19th ed.) and The Chicago Manual Of Style (16th ed.).  Articles are not limited in length.

Submissions can be made via ScholasticaExpresso or via e-mail.  Submissions made via e-mail should be in one of the following formats: Microsoft® Word (preferred), WordPerfect®, or Rich Text Format (RTF).  Authors may also submit via mail, but must include four copies of the article, commentary, or essay.  Graphics should be submitted in Microsoft® Visio® or PowerPoint® format.  Authors are responsible for obtaining any necessary permission to use graphics in publication.  Materials submitted for consideration become the property of IDEA and will not be returned.

Submissions or questions should be addressed to:

IDEA®: The Intellectual Property Law Review
ATTN: Lead Articles Editor
University of New Hampshire School of Law
Two White Street
Concord, NH 03301

Telephone: (603) 228-1541
Fax: (603) 513-5238