Student Membership

UNH Law Review - Membership

First and second year students who are interested in joining the University of New Hampshire Law Revieware encouraged to apply during the Spring semester of the school year. Announcements inviting students to apply are made prior to the application period, and one or more information sessions are also held to explain the application process and answer student questions.

The application consists of three parts. The first part consists of a Bluebook citation editing exercise. The second part consists of a text editing exercise. In the final part, students are asked to write a case comment or note on one topic chosen from several provided. A list of research sources for each topic is supplied, and applicants may consult only these sources. Once released, the application must be completed by a common due date; applicants typically have two full weeks and three weekends to do so.

Grading of the application is an anonymous process done by student members of the law review in coordination with the Registrar's office. Among others, an applicant's Legal Skills II grade and class decile rank are factors which may be considered. Invitations to successful applicants are extended in early summer.

Member Expectations. Membership on the University of New Hampshire Law Review is a substantial commitment. Primary editors (first year members) are expected to complete at least three article editing assignments and write a student note on a topic of their choice over the course of the academic year.