Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Law

Blockchain technology is poised to disrupt virtually every industry on a global scale in ways neither rivaled nor contemplated since the advent of the internet.

Blockchain technology is transparent, immutable, and borderless. At its core, a blockchain involves the novel combination of the internet and existing encrypted, peer-to-peer technology to organize transnational information in a digital database that is verified and maintained by a network of computers instead of a centralized intermediary.

Get ahead of the competition and position yourself to be part of the innovative wave of blockchain disruption.

Enroll today in the University of New Hampshire School of Law’s first-of-its-kind blockchain and cryptocurrency certificate program for professionals from business, emerging technology,  finance, banking, and legal industries.

The University of New Hampshire School of Law has been a Top-10 ranked intellectual property (IP) program ever since U.S. News & World Report began ranking IP programs 27 years ago. Now, we are proud to pioneer the study of the next frontier of IP innovation: blockchain.

UNH Law’s Chair of Intellectual Property and Technology Online Programs, Professor Tonya M. Evans, has teamed up with Samson Williams of Axes & Eggs Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Think Tank (AAE) to develop this Certificate. Together, these two internationally renowned blockchain experts have designed a world-class educational immersion experience—that you can do online, on your own schedule!

Our flexible, five-course online program is designed for working professionals, including practicing lawyers (including in-house counsel), blockchain startups and “blockchain-adjacent” entrepreneurs and executives who provide services (ex: legal, financial, marketing) in the industry, industry professionals, lawmakers, and regulators (including New Hampshire legislators), and anyone interested in securing a solid foundation in the legal implications of this essential, emerging technology. B.A. is required. You do not need to apply to law school or have a legal or technical background.

Program Benefits

  • Gain pertinent and flexible training from a world-class intellectual property and innovation law program at a Top 100 law school and internationally renowned blockchain experts to help expand your professional impact and career growth potential.
  • Acquire insight into blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, decentralized applications and smart contracts, as well as the legal implications of this emerging, disruptive global technology.
  • Explore how to address the legal implications of blockchain’s distributed ledger technology, cryptocurrencies (including Bitcoin, Ethereum etc.), smart contracts, and decentralized applications (a/k/a dApps).
  • Get direct access to leading blockchain, cryptocurrency, and legal experts focused on empowering professionals to implement strategies to impact the legal landscapes of government, payment systems, intellectual property, regulation, and civil and criminal liability.
  • Discover in-depth knowledge to better understand both the import and impact of cryptocurrencies on the financial, political, social, and economic sectors of both developed and emerging societies, how to use tokens as a self-funding mechanism for projects within the crypto economy, a means of creating utility for a project, and, more broadly, the economic activity surrounding the issuance of tokens, the intellectual property implications of blockchain technology, and exploring various governmental use cases to address and solve for a host of public sector problems.

Program Features

  • 100% online (no residency required)
  • Asynchronous courses (video lectures and coursework completed on your schedule)
  • Complete in one year (or longer if you choose)
  • Fall and spring starts
  • Industry-leading blockchain and cryptoassets faculty


Program cost: $7,875

Start Date

Classes are due to kickoff on Jan. 22, 2019. This program runs for three sessions. These sessions allow you to complete the entire program in less than one calendar year. If you want to join but can’t start in January 2019, we also will be welcoming participants to start in summer 2019 and fall 2019. Please sign up using the form to stay in touch about summer and fall start dates.

* Final cost and start date are subject to change pending final University approval. *


  • Blockchain and the Law Survey (required)
  • Tokenomics & Crypto Regulations (required)
  • CryptoEconomics & Blockchain Governance (required)
  • Smart Cities and Emerging Markets [city/country/region specific] (elective)
  • Blockchain, Data Security & Privacy (elective)
  • Intellectual Property + Blockchain (elective)
  • Blockchain, Inclusion & Social Impact (elective)
  • Government: Law, Policy & Blockchain (elective)
  • Prominent Business & Legal Use Cases (elective)
  • Ethical Considerations in Blockchain (elective)
  • Other electives, to be determined

Faculty and Adjunct Professors (tentative)

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Tonya M. Evans
Professor of Law
Chair, IP & Technology Online Programs
Phone: (603) 945-1802