Legal Skills

Writing well and conducting thorough research are indispensable skills for lawyers: Clients depend on those skills, and employers look for job candidates who are strong in those areas. The Legal Skills Program, which provides an intensive experience in legal writing and research during your three years at UNH Law, will give you the tools to become an articulate and effective lawyer.

Legal writing is the articulation of sophisticated, complex, nuanced legal analysis that allows the reader to efficiently understand the point the writer is trying to make. Students in legal writing courses learn how to read, synthesize and apply law. In addition, UNH’s emphasis on clear, concise writing style produces advocates who communicate effectively.

Legal research requires more than the basic skill of knowing how to retrieve information. It is about finding the law and then wisely judging how to select and use the most appropriate authorities. It is about navigating the complex range of authorities economically and efficiently and understanding which of the many kinds of legal authorities are most important.

"The writing program's practice-oriented curriculum helped me successfully apply the vast amount of first-year legal theory to the demands of my first summer internship.  Because of the intense training of the UNH School of Law's writing program, I developed the clear, concise, and effective writing style that every aspiring lawyer needs."  - Gordon Landrigan, J.D. '13