Transfer Students

At UNH Law, we are happy to welcome incoming transfer students to join our intimate learning community!

Students seeking to transfer from an American Bar Association (ABA) accredited law school must apply online at The Fall semester priority application deadline is July 15. All transfer applicants, will be evaluated for merit-scholarships.

The Admissions Committee will review your transfer application after receiving a letter of good standing from your prior law school. Transfer applicants must provide an updated CAS report indicating law school matriculation. We strongly encourage one to two letter(s) of recommendation from a law school professor. An official transcript from your law school is required prior to matriculation.

To obtain credit for elective or required courses, a grade of C or better must be earned. Up to 28 law credits will transfer in to UNH Law. Transfer students must complete four full-time semesters in residence at UNH Law.

The Admissions Team looks forward to the opportunity to connect with you to learn more about your academic and career aspirations and to support you through the admission process.