Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Front of the law school with yellow flowers in front

Dear UNH Franklin Pierce community,

The halls of our law school are a flurry of excitement as we prepare to greet new and returning students for our upcoming orientations, hybrid immersion program, and beginning of classes for the fall semester.  We are eager to welcome everyone back to our beautiful campus in Concord. For those returning, we have missed you! For those arriving for the first time, we extend a warm welcome to our community.

While this is a time for excitement, it is also a time to continue our strong commitment to caring for and protecting our community.  We recognize that COVID-19 will continue to be with us but no longer requires an emergency response.  Under this approach, each member of our community will be empowered to make mitigation and risk decisions based on their personal circumstances. As we make this shift, we will also ensure that we retain or create the appropriate structures to respond in the event of another outbreak – of COVID or any other pathogen.  

We have made great progress as a community in getting vaccinated against the virus—the most effective preventive measure we have—and I am so grateful for this effort. 

For the fall, we will conduct mandatory arrival testing using rapid test kits as follows:

Voluntary testing will operate as follows:

  • Rapid self-test kits will always be available at the reception desk.
  • Alternatively, voluntary self-swab laboratory testing is available for submission on Mondays and Thursdays by noon in the drop box outside of the law school. 
  • Students, staff, and faculty desiring to submit voluntary self-swab tests will obtain kits and new labels at the reception desk during office hours. Old labels from the spring semester are no longer valid – new labels must be obtained from the reception desk.  Please contact John MacLennan with further questions at

Mitigation measures:

  • If you are feeling any symptoms, please STAY HOME! If at any point you have any symptoms, we ask that you please help ensure the safety of yourself and others by staying home and notifying your professors until you are able to submit another COVID test.  
  • If you have tested positive for COVID, please upload the positive result here.
  • We are following quarantine and isolation guidance found here.  You can end isolation after day five if you test negative on a rapid test and upload the result.  Rapid tests are available at the law school reception desk and you may contact John MacLennan with further questions at to make arrangements to get a kit.

Mask Policy

Under university policy, masks are not required in indoor spaces.  We do ask that each person be respectful of others, including in the event that someone requests you to wear a mask at other times – including in the classroom. 

Finally, as a reminder for returning community members and for our newly arriving members, we will continue to send future communications about COVID under the banner above, the purpose of which is to keep you informed of the most recent developments related to COVID in an easy-to-identify format. When you see this banner, please know that what follows is the most recent information relating to COVID, the law school, and the Concord campus. 

Thank you for your continued support as we continue to do our part to stay safe. 

With care,

Megan Carpenter
Dean and Professor of Law