Green Mode Overview

COVID-19 Green Mode Chart
  • COVID cases contained
  • No restrictions on public gatherings and events
Campus Status
  • Full operations
Student Status
  • Student dining at full operation
  • Classrooms and learning at full density on campus
Faculty/Staff Status
  • Normal on-campus work for all faculty and staff
Academic Success Program (ASP)
  • Resume in-person for residential program work sessions, workshops, Prelim, with phased in return for faculty/students with health or safety concerns
  • On- and off-campus admissions activities resume
  • Admissions staff returns on-campus full-time
Assistant Dean for Students
  • On-campus learning is back in effect
  • Jury Box re-opens to full capacity
  • Events can be held as usual
  • Assistant Dean of Students returns on-campus full-time
Business Services Center (BSC)
  • BSC will resume normal on-campus operations
  • BSC staff returns on campus full-time
Career Services
  • Career Services will resume normal on-campus operations
  • Career Services staff returns on-campus full-time
  • Clinics will be resume normal on-campus operations
  • Clinics staff returns on campus
Daniel Webster Scholar (DWS) Program
  • DWS Orientation held on campus on Friday, August 21.
  • The Induction Ceremony for DWS Class of 2022 will be held through Zoom on Friday, September 11 at 9:00 a.m.
  • DWS mock oral arguments will be held remotely, through Zoom, in late November and early December.  U.S. District Court Judges will preside.
  • DWS simulated depositions will be held remotely.
  • Facilities staff works to maintain campus, but takes all necessary precautions (hand washing and sanitizing, wearing masks, etc.) and abides by all OSHA and CDC guidelines
Faculty Assistants
  • On campus assistance will be available
Faculty Development
  • Faculty are back on campus
  • Faculty research can be conducted back on campus
  • Faculty can return to all usual activities
Human Resources
  • Human Resources staff are on campus
  • Normal HR business resumes
  • Human Resources staff can be reached by email, Zoom, or Teams
Hybrid JD Program
  • All students will have full access to campus
  • Hybrid immersion periods will be held completely in-person
  • Hybrid coordinator Dan Cwynar will work regular hours on campus and meet with students in their preferred mode (in person, zoom, phone, etc)
Information Technology
Legal Residency Program
  • Legal residency program is back to full operations
  • Library is back to full operations, normal business hours, with staff working on-campus
Marketing and Communications
  • Marketing communications operations resume as normal
  • Marketing communications staff returns on-campus full-time, or can be remote as work can be completed virtually
On-Campus Housing
  • On-campus housing will operate as usual
  • All Registrar staff back in the office full-time
  • Office hours resume
  • Registrar can be reached by email, Zoom, Teams, or phone
  • Security is back to full operations