Red Mode Overview

COVID-19 Red Mode Chart
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Campus Status
  • Minimal operations
  • Essential staff only on campus
  • No external events
Student Status
  • No on-campus housing/dining 
  • No student events
  • All instruction remote
  • All exams remote
Faculty/Staff Status
  • All faculty and staff work remotely
    • Limited use of classroom or office space for remote instruction
  •  Essential staff on campus only to maintain safety and support operations
Academic Success Program (ASP)
  • All individual ASP work sessions remote
  • All ASP workshops remote
  • No in-person preliminary bar on-campus
  • No ASP staff are essential for on-campus
  • All ASP events virtual
  • No ASP faculty on campus; specific, time-limited visits as approved by existing policy only (such at to pick up a hard copy file).
  • Contact : Danette Wineberg,
  • Focus on virtual recruitment
  • File review and applicant communication occurs remotely
  • Staff work remotely with in-office presence limited to mailings and other essential tasks
  • Tours and other on-campus events suspended except in exceptional circumstance.  Requires approval.
Assistant Dean for Students
  • All students will be remote with no to very limited access to the building
  • Jury Box will be closed
  • Student events will be held remotely
  • Orientation will be held remotely
  • Commencement will be held remotely or moved to a later date
  • Assistant Dean for Students Lauren Berger will work remotely and meet with students virtually
Business Services Center (BSC)
  • BSC staff work remotely
  • One staff member will come to campus to pick up mail, following all health and safety guidelines
Career Services
  • Career Services staff will work remotely
  • Employers will pivot to virtual interviews
  • The Public Interest Job Fair will be held remotely
    • Students’ resumes will be collected and sent to employers
  • All clinics will be remote
  • Clinic staff will interact with clients by phone or Zoom
  • Clinic staff will use new electronic filing system
  • Clinics will work with the courts and follow all procedures
Daniel Webster Scholar (DWS) Program
  • DWS classes are held online
  • DWS works with courts and outside entities to deliver programming remotely
  • DWS Orientation will be remote
  • DWS mock oral arguments will be held remotely, through Zoom, in late November and early December.  U.S. District Court Judges will preside.
  • DWS simulated depositions will be held remotely
  • Daniel Webster Scholar staff works from home
  • They can be reached by email, Teams, and Zoom
  • Building is closed to students, faculty, staff, and visitors
  • Facilities staff works to maintain campus, but takes all necessary precautions (hand washing and sanitizing, wearing masks, etc.) and abides by all OSHA and CDC guidelines
Faculty Assistants
  • Faculty assistance will be done remotely
Faculty Development
  • Faculty works remotely
  • Faculty research is conducted remotely
  • Faculty can conduct meetings virtually or by phone
Human Resources
  • Human Resources staff will work from home
  • Human Resources staff can be reached by email, Zoom, or Teams
Hybrid JD Program
  • All students will be remote with no to very limited access to the building
  • Hybrid immersion periods will be held completely online
  • Hybrid coordinator Dan Cwynar will work remotely and meet with students virtually
Information Technology
  • IT staff works remotely, supporting students, faculty, and staff virtually
  • Occasional on-site and in-home visits to resolve issues if needed
  • Focus on adjunct faculty to train on remote teaching technologies
  • For help, email Paul LaClair:
Legal Residency Program
  • Spring 2021 legal residency planning meetings will be held remotely.
  • Fall 2020 legal residents are permitted to work remotely for the whole semester.  Students who choose to work in the office must sign an acknowledgement of risk.  This document is not the same as the document USNH is requiring.
  • The fall 2020 legal residency course will primarily be asynchronous, through Canvas. There may also be 3 synchronous sessions (an orientation and two workshops) held through Zoom.  Students taking courses remotely will participate through Zoom.
  • Library staff works remotely
  • The physical library is closed
  • No work study students on-campus
  • Library work study students work remotely
  • No print Course Reserve
  • No circulation of physical materials
  • All physical interlibrary loan is shut down
  • Electronic lending is very limited due to license restrictions
  • All Reference/Research help is done remotely via email, telephone and chat and Zoom via appointment and as needed
  • Mail, physical book processing to be deferred until some staff back on campus
  • No attorney membership/alumni access
  • Library events are moved to a virtual format
  • Instruction is done via a virtual format
Marketing and Communications
  • All marketing and communications staff will work remotely
  • All marketing and communications work will be completed virtually
  • Events will be held virtually or postponed
On-Campus Housing
  • Students living alone can stay in their apartments
  • Students living with others will be asked to leave, apartments will close
  • Registrar’s office will work from home
  • Registrar can be reached by email, Zoom, Teams or phone. Information available on the Registrar's webpage
  • coming soon!