Yellow Mode Overview

COVID-19 Yellow Mode Chart
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Campus Conditions
  • COVID cases are low on and off campus
  • No State restrictions – or State restrictions recommend use of masks and gatherings of 50 or fewer
  • Medical resources are available and not at risk
Campus Status
  • Full operations on campus in support of students and teaching
  • Masks and social distancing required in public areas and classrooms
  • Selective external events
Student Status
  • Dining normal at reduced 50% density plus take out
  • Limited student events, focus on small groups
  • Instruction face to face with lower density (50% or less)
Faculty/Staff Status
  • Moderate density (50-60%) faculty and staff on campus in support of student services, instruction and research.
Academic Success Program (ASP)
  • ASP individual work sessions remain remote (not classroom teaching)
  • ASP workshops remain remote (not for credit courses)
  • Preliminary bar may take place with social distancing and remote participation available for students with health or safety reasons (as approved by Asst. Dean for Students) for being remote
  • Select ASP events may take place on campus, with approval of ASP director
  • ASP instruction (work sessions and workshops) remains remote- not credit-bearing courses
  • ASP faculty remain remote to maintain lower campus density- not essential to be on campus for student operations
  • Contact : Danette Wineberg,
  • Tours will be offered by appointment only, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Vistiors will complete public health screening questionnaire and wear masks. In-person appointments and campus tours will be kept small to maintain social distance.
  • Remote student appointments conducted through Zoom conferences with admissions officers.
Assistant Dean for Students
  • Jury Box will open in a limited capacity at their discretion.
  • Student events of under 20 people can be held on campus
  • Student events encouraged to remain virtual
  • Assistant Dean for Students Lauren Berger will work remotely and meet with students virtually
Business Services Center (BSC)
  • BSC staff will continue to primarily work remotely
  • BSC staff will report to campus on a rotating basis one day per week:
    • To collect mail
    • To help students
    • To provide HR support
Career Services
  • Career Services will be on-campus every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, but meetings will not be held in individuals’ offices
  • Meetings can be held in larger spaces like the Career Services Conference Room, but Career Services prefers to conduct virtual or phone appointments
  • Students and employers must make an appointment. To make an appointment please email:
  • Career Services staff will not allow walk-in appointments
  • On-campus employer-student interviews can be held on campus, following health and safety guidelines
  • Employers can also schedule virtual or phone interviews with students
  • Clinic staff will work as much as they can remotely, interacting via phone or Zoom
  • Can meet for limited needs in-person, observing health and safety guidelines
  • Clinics will work with the courts and follow all procedures
Daniel Webster Scholar (DWS) Program
  • DWS mock oral arguments will be held remotely, through Zoom, in late November and early December.  U.S. District Court Judges will preside.
  • DWS simulated depositions will be held remotely
  • Facilities staff works to maintain campus, but takes all necessary precautions (hand washing and sanitizing, wearing masks, etc.) and abides by all OSHA and CDC guidelines
Faculty Assistants
  • Please contact your faculty assistant for details
Faculty Development
  • Faculty only in building when conducting class or holding office hours
  • Faculty abide by all health and safety guidelines
  • Research conducted remotely
  • Minimal events held on campus
  • Any events held on campus will be small and abide by health and safety guidelines
  • Faculty available by appointment for socially distant on-campus meetings
Human Resources
  • Human Resources staff will work from home
  • Human Resources may resume on-campus meetings if building density allows
  • Human Resources staff can be reached by email, Zoom, or Teams
Hybrid JD Program
  • Students will be allowed access to campus with proper PPE and testing protocols
  • Hybrid immersion periods will have optional online attendance.
  • Hybrid coordinator Dan Cwynar will work remotely and meet with students virtually when not in immersion periods
Information Technology
  • IT staff will staff the office 5 days a week, alternating days so only one person is in the office at once
  • The other IT staff member will be available virtually
  • Focus on adjunct faculty to train on remote teaching technologies
  • For help, email Paul LaClair:
Legal Residency Program
  • Spring 2021 legal residency planning meetings will be held remotely.
  • Fall 2020 legal residents are permitted to work remotely for the whole semester.  Students who choose to work in the office must sign an acknowledgement of risk.  This document is not the same as the Informed Consent document USNH required students to sign to enter campus.
  • Library and student library staff will be on-campus with rotating schedules to limit building density
  • No print course reserve
  • Scan and deliver to provide remote students with resources where possible and in line with Copyright
  • Create a Reference desk to limit interactions in staff offices; longer consultations can be done through Zoom
  • Materials will be quarantined for 3 days before going back into circulation
  • Encourage use of ALMA’s holds to limit the need for browsing materials
  • Interlibrary loan resumes
  • No attorney membership/alumni access
  • Small events held per protocols and following health and safety guidelines
Marketing and Communications
  • Marketing and Communications staff work remotely and on campus as needed, following health and safety guidelines
  • Limited events on-campus, encourage virtual, observe health and safety guidelines
On-Campus Housing
  • Students living alone can stay in their apartments
  • Students living with others will be asked to leave, apartments will close
  • •    Registrar staff will alternate working in the office
    •    Limited face-to-face office hours
    •    Registrar can be reached by email, Zoom, Teams, or phone. 
    Information available on the Registrar's webpage
  • coming soon!