Fiscal Responsibility Certificate

Fiscal Responsibility and the Law Certificate (15 credit hours)

The certificate program embraces an interdisciplinary approach to training future lawyers in federal budgeting, spending and policy making through course work and practical skills training.  This training produces lawyers with the skills and training to make thoughtful and effective decisions on public sector issues, and creates a generation of leaders and lawyers adequately equipped to solve the ongoing budget and fiscal crisis facing this nation.

Students must complete the following coursework to receive the Fiscal Accountability Certificate upon graduation:

  • University of New Hampshire, School of Law, Course on the Federal Budget, Legislation and Appropriations Process (3 credit hours)
  • University of New Hampshire School of Law, Administrative Process (3 credits)
  • University of New Hampshire School of Law, Course on Personal Federal Income Taxation (3 credits)
  • Students would either select an approved 3 credit hour graduate course at the Business School, Political Science Graduate Department or Graduate course in Public Administration (examples might include a graduate economics course, or financial management and Budgeting in Public an Non-profit Sectors) or 3 credits from an approved externship placement through UNH School of Law’s externship program.
  • University of New Hampshire School of Law, Interdisciplinary Fiscal Responsibility Capstone (3 credits)