Public Interest Coalition

Public Interest Coalition

A student organization open to all students, the Public Interest Coalition (PIC) provides meaningful public interest and social justice experiences for UNH Law and the local community by sponsoring the Annual Bruce Friedman Community Service Day, sending interested students to national and regional public interest conferences and trainings, hosting speakers and panel discussions on pursuing public interest careers, providing pro bono opportunities to interested students, and introducing UNH Law students to alumni and other public interest lawyers.

Public Interest Coalition Mission Statement

  • Expose UNH Law community to public interest law;
  • Assist UNH Law in providing summer public interest grants;
  • Network students with lawyers in public interest fields; and
  • Encourage and assist UNH Law in promoting a robust loan forgiveness programs.

What does PIC do?

Pursuant to its mission statement, PIC promotes awareness of public interest law and issues by sponsoring speakers and other annual events, such as:

  • The Annual Bruce Friedman Community Service Day
  • Equal Justice Works Career Fair in Washington, D.C. (UNH School of Law/PIC is an Equal Justice Works member. Dues cover access to the EJW website and registration fees for the job fair - the largest public interest law job fair in the nation.)
  • Career panels on pursuing public interest legal careers. 

Cell phone drive

PIC also collects used cell phones and sends them to the Shelter Alliance, which donates to battered women shelters. In exchange for the phones, Shelter Alliance contributes funds to PIC's Public Interest Fellowship Program, allowing law students to work as unpaid interns for public interest organizations serving the vulnerable and disadvantaged in New Hampshire and throughout the nation.

The project also protects the environment by preventing phones from entering our landfills. Shelter Alliance recycles any unusable phones safely and ecologically. Any cell phone, regardless of age or condition – with, or without battery, antenna or charger – can be donated.

The PIC Used Cell Phone Donation Drive is ongoing and open to the public! Anyone wishing to donate a used cell phone can drop it off at the law school, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. The collection box is located at the reception desk.

Please contact the Rudman Center with any questions: (603) 513-5166.

How can I get involved in PIC events?

Meetings are announced by e-mail and on the BBS. If you are unable to attend scheduled meetings, you can still get involved by volunteering and attending PIC sponsored events Please contact any of the PIC representatives if you wish to volunteer or need more information.

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