Landlords: List your rentals

Landlords: List Your Rentals

Housing Marketplace: policies and Information

The Housing Marketplace is a free service provided exclusively to the University of New Hampshire School of Law community, and is available yearly between March and October.   At our discretion, this list may be shared with others. 

Prior to posting a rental listing, you will be required to create a user account. Once your account has been approved, you can manage your listings (edit, de-activate or refresh entries) at your convenience.

The Housing Marketplace is designed to gather information that is most important to students. Additional information that you feel is pertinent to your rental may be described in the comments section of your listing. You may also post pictures of the rental within your listing. UNH School of Law highly recommends that landlords take advantage of this feature. Pictures are the item most requested by students who cannot travel to Concord prior to signing a lease.

Landlords who have the most success renting their properties are those who price their rentals at reasonable rates, provide the services that they promise, and give an accurate description of the rental they are offering. For example: if you are renting a room with shared common areas, list the rental as a room for rent, not as an apartment with roommates. We have found that the landlords who provide accurate and detailed information have very positive working relationships with their student tenants. Word travels fast on a small campus. If a student has a favorable rental experience, chances are they are going to share information about your rental property with someone else at UNH School of Law.

While the University of New Hampshire School of Law appreciates the service that landlords help us provide to our students, we want you to be aware that listing your rental property with UNH School of Law is not a guarantee that you will rent your property to a student. For this reason, it is suggested that you use other means of advertisement as well.

Rental listings are reviewed prior to being made available for students to view. UNH School of Law reserves the right to suspend a listing at any time without notice. We provide rental listings as a courtesy to the UNH Law community, however, we do not endorse any of the listings posted on the Housing Marketplace.

Log in to the Housing Marketplace (available yearly between March and October).