Beginning a New Role and Reconnecting With Old Friends and Colleagues

Greetings alums!

I’ve had the pleasure of teaching and working with many of you, and look forward to getting to know others.  Many of you are now friends and keeping in touch has brought a lot of happiness to my life. While I “retired” as a Professor some years back, I continue to work with the law school, primarily with Professor Courtney Brooks in our residency program.  Through that work, social media and my good fortune of having many of you as friends and colleagues, I’ve heard some frustration about the school’s connections with our alums.  Dean Carpenter is committed to re-energizing our alumni community, and she has asked me to help - and I have agreed. I have assumed the position of “alumni liaison.”  It’s a new name for a new position, through which I hope to help re-engage with our wonderful alumni community.

I am happy to speak with any of you who want to discuss how we fell out of touch, then focus on what we can do moving forward. While we have fewer administrative positions and can’t do everything, we can still do a lot. We have ambitious plans for the upcoming school year, including the All-Class Reunion; our traditional events at AIPLA and INTA; an Intellectual Property gathering in Japan in September, and alumni events on the road with a schedule we’re developing now.  So if you or your employer would like to host an event, please let me know.

We’re also planning to electronically publish both an alumni newsletter and an intellectual property newsletter several times each year. We want to spread news about the school and our alumni and their accomplishments. So if you have anything that is newsworthy, please send it my way.  And if you are planning to be in the area, please let me know, as I would welcome the opportunity to see you if you get to Concord.

I’ve been at the school - Franklin Pierce Law Center, Franks, Pierce Law and now UNH Law - for the better part of my professional career.  Clinical work, podium teaching and running the externship program brought me challenges, but most often joy, as you developed, along with your knowledge and professionalism. We have an unrivaled and unique institution. While there’s been much change, we remain the same small, caring law school that you remember. Students, faculty and staff continue to share collegial relationships and our great statistics about graduate employment speaks to the solid grounding in theory and law and our unique practical training. We believe we have been doing something different and right at the law school since its inception. And while the name changed, our commitment to a caring and unique way to train lawyers has not. 

So we hope you’ll want to stay connected or reconnect with our community.  Come to events, so the Dean and others can see you. Hire our graduates, help with our residency program, help guide and mentor our current students and direct applicants to us.  And consider us when making charitable donations. 

- Ellen

Ellen Musinsky
Alumni Liaison
Professor Emerita