Rudman Center Fellowships and Scholarships

Warren B. Rudman Fellows Program

The Warren B. Rudman Fellows Program provides full-tuition scholarships and guaranteed summer fellowships to exceptionally well-qualified applicants with a demonstrated interest in public service following their law school graduation. The first two Warren B. Rudman fellows enrolled in the law school in the fall 2014. To learn more about the Warren B. Rudman Fellowship experience from our students, click here.

Rudman-Peterson Fellows Program

The Rudman-Peterson Fellows program offers first-year students the opportunity to receive a full-tuition scholarship, summer stipends, and focused programming so that they may pursue a career in public service relating to the fields of fiscal responsibility, public policy, and government. Over the final two years of law study, each Fellow will be supervised and advised by faculty with expertise in the Fellow’s expressed area of interest. 

Upon graduation, each Rudman-Peterson Fellow will have accomplished the following:

  • Completed the fiscal policy seminar, Federal Budget, Legislation & Appropriations.
  • Engagement in a legal residency or research internship in the areas of fiscal policy, public policy, and government either within the University, at a government office, or at an independent non-profit research or advocacy organization.
  • Work in a summer placement following the first and second years of law study with an organization or law office focusing on fiscal policy, public policy, and government.
  • Played a significant role in developing, organizing, and hosting at least one speaker/event dedicated to the subject of fiscal policy.
  • Received mentorship from faculty with expertise in the Fellow’s chosen focus area, including course selection, legal residency or research internship placement, and career networking.
  • Participated with other Rudman Center Fellows in programming designed to promote justice, leadership, and public service.

Selection Process

The Rudman Center Director will solicit fellowship applicants from the 1L class each spring. Applicants will be required to articulate their interest in fiscal policy and public service as well as preliminarily identify the law and fiscal policy issues that they wish to study more deeply as a fellow. The fellow selection committee will include the Rudman Center Director, Rudman Center faculty fellows, and one or two external reviewers with expertise in fiscal policy, at least one of whom is a lawyer. Selection criteria will include: (1) academic performance in the 1L year; (2) evidence of commitment to public service prior to, or during, law school; and (3) the applicant’s articulation of their interest as noted above.

Application Requirements

You can access the Rudman-Peterson Fellows Program application by clicking here.

Additional Resources

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Rudman Summer Fellowship Program

The Rudman Summer Fellowships Program provides $4,000 summer stipends to students who work for government agencies or for organizations that perform public interest legal work.  Last year, the Rudman Center awarded 24 summer fellowships. Last year's Rudman Summer Fellows were (graduation year in parenthesis):

Scott Amankwatia (2019) NH Department of Environmental Services, Concord

Devon Ayer (2018) New Hampshire Public Defender, Laconia

Jack Bjorn (2019) Attorney General's Office, Concord

Connor Buchholz (2019) Disability Rights Center - NH, Concord

Christian Burroughs (2018) New Hampshire Circuit Court, Concord

Carly Cengher (2019) New Hampshire Attorney General's Office, Concord

Katharine Courville (2019) New Hampshire Public Defender, Concord

Benjamin Currier (2018) Alaska Public Defender Agency, Sitka, AK

Caitlin Foster (2019) 9th Circuit Court, Manchester Family Division, Manchester

Margaret Haggerty (2019) Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), Boston 

Nathan Kenison-Marvin (2018) Rockingham County Superior Court, Brentwood

Andrew Kerrick (2019) NH Dept. of Health & Human Services, Concord

Michelle Loveys-Dozier (2018) New Hampshire Legal Assistance, Berlin

Tyler MacDonald (2018) Merrimack County Attorney's Office, Concord

Elizabeth Marcotte (2019) Institute for Human Rights and Development in Africa, Gambia, Africa

Audrianna Mekula-Hanson (2018) Hillsborough North Superior Court, Manchester

Todd Mihill (2019) New Hampshire 10th Circuit Court, Brentwood

Katherine Muzzy (2018) Children's Law Center of California, Los Angeles, CA

Thomas Palermo (2019) 10th Circuit Court, Portsmouth

Amanda Reny (2018) Massachusetts Department of Children and Families, Boston

Chelsie Rommel (2018) State of Alaska Office of Public Advocacy, Anchorage AK

Christopher Schott (2018) New Hampshire Legal Assistance, Portsmouth

Jacob Wagner (2019) Northeast Legal Aid, Lynn, MA

William Warren (2018) Grafton Superior Court, No. Haverhill, NH

Bruce E. Friedman Scholarship

The Bruce E. Friedman Scholarship is named for Professor Bruce E. Friedman, who for many years directed the school’s Civil Practice Clinic. First and second year students who have been active in community service and demonstrate a commitment to the provision of legal services to underserved populations may apply for this scholarship.