University of New Hampshire

School of Law

Raymond G. Arner

Adjunct Professor, Law & Biotechnology, (Pharmaceutical Patent Law - IPSI)

Ray Arner is a graduate of Temple University School of Pharmacy and School of Law.  He has enjoyed an extensive career as chief patent counsel to a number of pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies for over sixteen years.  Prior to that, Ray was a practicing community and hospital pharmacist, as well as a research pharmacist with Wyeth Laboratories.   He also held positions in drug regulatory affairs and licensing at Wyeth International and Wyeth Laboratories. 

Arner returned to the private practice of intellectual property law in 2007, and is now a Partner with Pierce Atwood LLP in Portland, Maine. He regularly counsels corporate and institutional clients within the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries in devising strategies and approaches to solving complex intellectual property legal issues and disputes.  He employs industry-relevant knowledge of, and experience in, intellectual property law, licensing and general business law in serving his clients, which he gained through a succession of leadership positions with pre-eminent research and development companies in the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical sectors.

He is recognized as an expert in, patent portfolio strategic assessments and the expansion and strengthening of pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and other biotechnology patent portfolios.  In this capacity, Arner works closely with his clients to evaluate the intellectual property content of research activities and to assist his clients in developing patent strategies to maximize the extent and duration of patent exclusivity and enforceability around their principal research assets.  He is also recognized, and retained regularly, as a patent licensing expert in the field of pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and biotechnology licensing.  His experience encompasses intellectual property transfers via complex transactions, including: mergers and acquisitions, licenses, asset purchases and sales, and various forms of collaborations and joint ventures. 

A major facet of Ray Arner’s intellectual property practice is counseling clients on freedom-to-operate issues as they relate to research and commercial activities. This includes the rendering of opinions on the validity and enforceability and/or infringement or non-infringement of intellectual property rights, as well as counseling clients on the steps they need to take to ensure freedom to practice.  

Arner’s intellectual property practice spans the spectrum of issues from performing intellectual property audits and due diligence investigations in relation to the licensing, acquisition and divestiture of intellectual property assets, to patent prosecution, drafting of opinions, portfolio management, inventorship dispute resolution, strategic preparation for patent litigation, patent oppositions and interferences, formulating intellectual property policies, procedures and practices, IP valuations, product life-cycle management and devising patent procurement and enforcement strategies to protect inventions in the U.S. and abroad. 

Ray Arner has served as Vice President and Chief Intellectual Property Counsel, Senior Vice President and Acting General Counsel, and Senior VP, Chief IP Counsel and Head of Litigation, at Biogen, Inc. and then Biogen Idec Inc.  Prior to that he held leadership positions in IP at Pharmacia & Upjohn Company, The Upjohn Company, and also at The DuPont Merck Pharmaceutical Company.

His experiences have enabled him to develop expertise in devising patent strategies for inventions in the numerous fields of biotechnology, pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmaceutics, drug formulations and delivery methods, small molecule design, antibody-based therapeutics, drug discovery and development, gene- and cell-based therapies, organic and inorganic chemistry, diagnostic products and technologies, medical devices and chemical and biochemical engineering.

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