University of New Hampshire

School of Law

Stanley P. Kowalski

Associate Clinical Professor
Director, International Technology Transfer Institute (ITTI)

Geneticist and researcher, Dr. Stanley P. Kowalski,  served as management consultant in intellectual property and technology transfer at the AmeriCenter in Cornell, NY prior to earning his JD from Pierce Law in 2005. He is currently working on projects seeking to improve the agriculture of developing countries.

From 1999 to 2001, Dr. Kowalski analyzed and evaluated agricultural biotechnology relating to ISAAA’s Global lP Initiative in developing nations. He also worked as a research geneticist at the Vegetable Laboratory of BARC-West in Beltsville, MD and as a postdoctoral research associate at Cornell University’s Department of Plant Breeding in the late 1990s.

As a research associate at Texas A&M University from 1991 to 1994, Kowalski developed RFLP-based genome mapping strategies for improvement of commodity crops important to Texas.

Kowalski has published numerous articles relating to genetics, molecular structure and plant crops.

In December 2011, he was named an approved candidate on the Fulbright Specialists Roster.

Selected publications

Intellectual Property and the Global Public Interest The Role of Building IP Capacity in Developing Countries Presentation by Dr. Stanley P. Kowalski, Scholar in Residence, October 2007

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