University of New Hampshire

School of Law

School of Law

Clinics: Administrative Agency

Students who enroll in the Administrative Agency Clinic provide services to the NH Department of Agriculture, Markets, and Food.

This clinic operates under an agreement with the State of New Hampshire, which permits students to provide services in the following areas:

  • Agency rule writing
  • Agency preparation for adjudicative hearings
  • Policy analysis

Students participate in real rulemaking proceedings by drafting rule proposals, fiscal impact statements, rulemaking notices, and final proposals. They also prepare hearing materials for agency adjudications such as proposals for findings of fact and rulings of law.

Finally, students conduct legal research and analysis of relevant state or federal policy issues. Students then brief agency staff on their recommendations or findings and respond to agency requests for additional research.

Agency staff regularly meet with students to discuss agency needs and provide feedback on students' work. Students are also expected to attend public hearings, legislative committee hearings, and observe the Governor and Executive Council process.