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School of Law

Intellectual Property at UNH Law

The University of New Hampshire School of Law has long been one of the world’s premier schools for the study of intellectual property law.

Franklin Pierce Center for Intellectual Property, UNH Law integrates intellectual property studies into legal education, offering one of the most extensive selection of intellectual property courses in the country and exposing students with and without technical backgrounds to a wide variety of intellectual property issues.

The Intellectual Property Library at UNH Law has been designated a Patent and Trademark Resource Center (PTRC) by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Library resources include all major formats and cover U.S., foreign, and international intellectual property titles. The collection spans 300 years of intellectual property scholarship, and it includes scholarly, practice, and news materials.

It is a depository of publications by the World Intellectual Property Organization. UNH Law also receives all significant publications of the Patent and Trademark and Copyright Offices as a GPO Depository Library.

The virtual IP Library includes the award-winning IP Mall  Web site, visited more than 2 million times a year. The IP Mall is an invaluable online resource for intellectual property research and scholarship as well as current news and legal developments in intellectual property law.

I'm thrilled to be at the school which is deservedly renowned for its intellectual property law program. And the UNH alumni network, with many graduates is sports and entertainment law professions, both here and abroad, is a great asset for students.