University of New Hampshire

School of Law

The University of New Hampshire School of Law prepares students for the real world, both inside the classroom and out. Since its creation, the school has been a pioneer in practice-ready education, helping to create future lawyers who are more than just book smart. In addition to the wealth of resources students will find in the Career Services Office, UNH Law offers a variety of ways for students to develop their legal skills.

The school was ranked 10th in the country for clinical opportunities by the National Jurist in 2011. The school’s 6 clinical programs allow second and third year students to represent clients in actual cases in several practice areas, including immigration law, criminal law, mediation and intellectual property law.

UNH Law’s robust legal residency program allows students to spend a semester working with experienced lawyers in all types of legal settings. In the spring 2012 semester, 79 students participated in externships around the country – in New Hampshire, Boston, New York City, and as far away as Puerto Rico, Colorado, California and Washington State.

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