University of New Hampshire

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Legal Career Toolkit – For 1Ls: How to Look for a Summer Job

  • Be flexible. Although there's no perfect 1L job, there are many opportunities to gain experience and skills. Consider all positions, even if they are not in your preferred practice area. Also, be willing to volunteer for the summer. You might not earn a salary, but you will receive quality practical experience. Remember that any legal experience will help you.
  • Be organized. When sending out resumes and cover letters, remember to tailor them to each employer. Your cover letter should detail what is in it for the employer, not for you. Employers want to know they're hiring a productive employee. If you sent your application materials and haven't received a response from an employer, follow up with a phone call. Let them know that you're still interested in the position and offer to supply them with additional information if required.
  • Be patient. Many employers can't anticipate their hiring needs for the summer until later on in the second semester (March, April or May) and this is when they will contact our office to advertise the position. Please make sure you create a job agent on UNH Law's online jobs database to notify you when jobs are posted.
  • Be proactive. Begin networking with your contacts. One way to do this is through informational interviews. Pick a geographic area and contact alums in that area for advice – i.e., inquire about the legal market or his/her experiences working for a particular employer. Please note: Don't treat this as an opportunity to ask for a job. Think of this as a way to gather information and to make a new contact!
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