University of New Hampshire

School of Law

Advanced Legal Research: Int'l & Foreign Legal Materials

This course will introduce you to the standard sources used in foreign and international law as well as introduce you to tools and strategies needed to effectively research a relevant topic. An introductory lecture is coupled with a hands-on approach to explore sources of international law in print resources, subscription electronic sources including Lexis and Westlaw, and free internet tools. We will also discuss strategies and methods for finding foreign law. We will discuss research strategy and create research plans; living documents that can keep you on track and can serve as a way to evaluate your own progress. You will practice the skills you have learned to solidify the process and method of foreign and international legal research with a culminating project. There is no final exam but each student will create an annotated bibliography or research guide throughout the semester on an international legal topic of his/her own choosing (with the instructor's approval). You will meet with the instructor periodically to report on your research process and discuss obstacles and strategies. At the end of the semester, each student will then present the topic and their research strategy and process to the class. The final written research plan is also due the last day of class.

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