University of New Hampshire

School of Law

Amateur Sports Law:Legal Issues in Youth, College& Rec Sport

Amateur Sports Law: Legal Issues in Youth, College and Recreational Sports. This course examines various legal issues in interscholastic and intercollegiate sports. Topics include issues in Title IX gender discrimination, antitrust (including combinations of competing schools/conferences), constitutional law (including freedom of speech/association/religion), contract law, land use and environmental law issues for recreational sports, the regulatory authority of the National Collegiate Athletic Association and of high school athletic associations, regulation of private educational institutions and sports associations, torts and insurance-related issues of schools for injuries suffered by athletes and spectators, the evolving conception of college athletes as professionals, athletic participation in taxpayer funded youth sports by homeschooled students, drug testing and rights to appeal, legal responsibilities of coaches to safeguard amateur players (including from concussions and unsafe practice conditions), and participation in sports by disabled athletes. Pursuit of careers in sports law, especially compliance positions at universities and colleges, is also be covered.

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