University of New Hampshire

School of Law

DWS Negotiations & ADR

DWS Negotiations & ADR is a 2-L simulation course primarily involving interest-based negotiation, mediation, arbitration and collaborative resolution. Students role-play in a variety of settings. The skills and theories introduced are applicable to life generally and practice specifically. Student performances are often taped so that students can observe themselves and learn from that experience. Students prepare negotiation outlines in advance of each session and keep weekly skills logs reflecting upon their progress. They also receive feedback from their peers and professors as well as from practitioners who observe sessions. In addition to the negotiation problems that are designed by the professors, the scholars may be asked to find problems from current events. At the end of the course, each scholar prepares a reflective paper in which, using the MacCrate skills and values as a guide, the student identifies those skills and values that were addressed in the course, reflects upon the student's own perceived strengths and weaknesses, and discusses how the student plans to cultivate strengths and improve weaknesses.

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