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School of Law

Evans V. Evans Constitutional Law Moot Court Competition

This course is an upper level moot court competition. Registrants must be selected through the Moot Court Board tryouts in August of each year. UNH School of Law traditionally attends at least one Constitutional Law Moot Court competition. In recent years, these competitions have included: Evans, Cravens, and Spong.

National moot court competitions are excellent opportunities for students to continue their legal writing and research skills following the first year skills courses. A typical competition has two students per team, coached by a 3L board member. Moot court problems are released in late December or early in the spring semester. Teams analyze the moot court problem, perform the legal research, formulate their strategy, and then write their appellate brief. Once students submit their briefs, they begin preparation for oral argument. Coaches arrange practice schedules using other students, faculty, and guests as judges to prepare teams for national competition. Students then travel to the moot court competition and face teams from other schools. For further information about the Constitutional law competitions, visit: