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School of Law

Law Practice Information Literacy: Legal Research

LPIL is for students who want to prepare for the information demands placed upon them in law practice. Print and online sources will be used to resolve problems commonly faced by summer and first-year associates. The course reviews primary authority and secondary sources from the perspective of research problems, rather than from the perspective of each type of resource. Students will use administrative materials, legislative history sources, multivolume looseleaf treatises, state Practice sets, web sites, and legal databases to resolve problems. The course assists students in moving away from reliance on Lexis and Westlaw and requires cost-effective use of these and other resources. The time allotted for research tasks will approximate legal practice, but leave time for reflection consistent with learning new methods of information retrieval. The format of the class consists of the presentation of problems, time allotted for research, demonstrations, and discussions of tools, techniques, and cost-effectiveness of the research process.

LPIL is the parent or mother ship for a series of classes, which will meet the objectives and criteria above, but which will likely have slightly different practice focuses. Professors will vary content, but will cover the most common research questions arising in an area of legal practice. It is likely that the following emphases will be offered on a regular basis:

General Legal Practice

Fact Based Research

Intellectual Property Practice

New Hampshire Practice