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School of Law

Legal Analysis & Writing 2

Legal Writing and Analysis II builds upon and reinforces the goals of Legal Writing and Analysis I, adding persuasive writing and speaking. Being persuasive (showing why others should agree with you) is important for lawyers in any field, not just those who want to argue in court. Lawyers need to be persuasive in their written words and when speaking with others. In addition to practicing and achieving higher proficiency in the six goals for Legal Writing and Analysis I, in successfully completing this course, you will have learned how to: 1) Organize coherent persuasive analysis using conventional legal structure and format; and 2) Prepare and present an oral argument.

As with Legal Writing and Analysis I, you will be required to engage in a recursive process of writing, reading, analyzing, organizing, writing and rewriting. Then you will do that over and over and over again. All the traits that are important in Legal Writing and Analysis I are important here as well. In addition, having a sense of humor, being creative, and managing the stress and fear of public speaking will help you succeed.

In this course, you will write a persuasive memo to a trial court, completing a graded outline, first draft, and final brief. You will prepare and present an oral argument to outside judges. You will earn your grade based on your individual written work, individual and team quiz scores, your oral argument, and your professional engagement in class.