University of New Hampshire

School of Law

Legal Residency Class

Students participating in a legal residency are required to concurrently enroll in this 1 credit legal residency class. The class is designed to help student begin to develop legal skills and professional attributes necessary to succeed in practice and to teach students to be thoughtful and self-directed about their own personal development, professionalism and leadership.

Each week, students are required to submit journals to their assigned faculty member, which describe the legal tasks performed during the week, the quality of the supervision received and reflections about what they are doing, learning and observing.

Students are further required to participate in an on-line asynchronous course, facilitated by TWEN. The course focuses on legal skills and professional development. The course commences with an in-depth reading about issues that regularly arise in practice.

Finally, students must submit a final paper in accordance with guidelines provided by legal residency faculty.

Grades for the legal residency class are O/S/U.

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